Blog 12: Electric Vehicles Part 1

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Blog 12: Electric Vehicles Part 1

It was inevitable that I was going to put pen to paper about my thoughts about Electric cars and their place in the world today. With petrol and diesel cars slowly becoming a thing of the past and electric taking charge (no pun intended), I often wonder if things are going to go smoothly in the transition period

Speaking to my friend recently (an E.V owner), I asked him about the practicality of the car. He said and I quote ‘It’s all right if you plan your journey’. Its all right if you plan your journey? I imagined a scenario where I needed to go onto the road in an emergency and the battery life being low, you can guess the next part and the potential problem..

I am a firm believer that you should be able to jump into your car (whenever and wherever), and it reliably take you to your destination no problem. I see the first flaw in the concept of electric

What about the power consumption? Everyone will have one of these one day and everyone will be charging them when they get home from the day at work. So how would the grid and the network take the demand? I won’t bore you with the calculations of the loading, but I can say that I cannot see how the system is going to cope with this scenario.. the Government and the powers that be are going to have to think of something fast

I attend a weekly network meeting with other business owners and almost every week, E.V falls into conversation in one way shape or form. These cars are hot topic right now and its going to be interesting to see what will plan out in the not so distant future

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