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DIY electrical work

DIY Electrical work

DIY Electrical Work Sparks Renewed Warnings


A recent survey sent to UK householders reveal the dangerous risks that UK householders take when carrying out work on their home electrics



Whilst not all DIY electrical work is illegal, it does require a common sense approach. It is perfectly legal for to carry out like for like DIY electrical work in your home so if you are looking to replace some lights in your living room or replace a broken or cracked socket then you can do this – but only if you feel confident in doing so



Proud to be Huntingdon's local electrician

I am proud to be Huntingdon's local electrician


A strange title you may feel but to me this is an all encompassing statement and one which hopefully every electrician will say. But does their work and standards reflect how proud they say they are


I’ve said it before and I will say it again that every electrician is different. Unfortunately no electrician is exactly the same and therefore it is important that as the customer, you know what will work best for you. Let me explain in more detail


Electrical Hazards in the home

Research available from the electrical safety body, the NICEIC, has found that the public are mostly unaware of the electrical dangers lurking in their homes. Householders that were questioned had electrical hazards in their homes including exposed bare wires, loose cables, old wiring and overloaded sockets


Appliance Safety

Many house holders in Huntingdon often ring me to ask if there is a problem with their electrical supply. Understandably they are not sure if it is safe to continue to use their electrical appliances at home or if they should call an electrician


The basic advice is if you suspect a problem with an electrical appliance, unplug and stop using it immediately, however if you suspect a problem with your actual electrical installation then consult your local qualified electrician who will be happy to come and take a look


The importance of testing and certification in electrical installations

The importance of testing and certification in electrical installations

You may remember a time when you had your vehicle go through a MOT at the garage, When you received the paperwork, you may also remember looking at the test results obtained on the emissions and thinking it was a foreign language to you 


Well, its the exact same for test results on an electrical form, weather it be a certificate or a report. However, the information is important and has some use to you. I am going to carry on with the reasoning for this further on in this article 


Testing and the remedial work

Testing and the remedial work

I have recently just completed an EICR on a house in the heart of Huntingdon, along with the necessary remedial works needed to get the installation to reach a satisfactory standard for continued use 


The situation turned out that the previous occupant was keen in his DIY work, unfortunately, on this occasion, while his electrical work MAY have physically worked with his lights and socket outlets working as intended, his cable selection and methods of installation left much to be desired 


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