Garden Lighting in Cambridge

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Garden Lighting in Cambridge

We recently just finished a stunning lighting design and installation to a customers garden in Cambridge


The project was very different from out usual garden lighting projects. The garden was already finished and planted! So we couldn't dig and bury cables into positions and we also had to be careful about damaging plants and corrugated piping 


So the whole project was a complete retrofit! 


We had to think carefully about how we were going to install the cables and how the customer would be able to functionally switch them on 


Our only choice for running the cables was running them clipped direct to fence structures and shallow burying them in locations where possible. We didn't feel comfortable running 230V (mains) power around a garden if we couldn't bury them at a suitable distance underground away from potential penetration, so we decided to make the whole system a SELV system (12V)! This ensured no risk of potential electric shocks to the user who would be standing on true earth


We used the Light Symphony system once again so that the user could switch the system on and off from their phone! These products are available on


One more lighting project completed and under our belt!

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