Blog 14: Recent rewire in Cambridge

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Blog 14: Recent rewire in CambridgeIt i

It is not often I get the opportunity to carry out full rewires to houses for several reasons, but I am glad that I had the opportunity to carry out this one in December. A complete overhaul of a 5-bedroom house right in the heart of the town of Cambridge 

The property is to become a home of multiple occupants, meaning that extra considerations had to be given to the electrical installation to comply with standards and law, meaning that additional smoke detectors had to be installed in every room and emergency lighting present in the building 

A challenge for myself 

I enjoy a big project from time to time! I pride myself on someone who is happy to carry out the smaller jobs that other electricians would rather avoid and who aim for the big projects like this one, but it is nice to know that when a big challenge is presented to me that I can deliver 

It's not without some drawbacks though. The work is incredibly dirty and my van was a dusty mess (I like things clean and tidy) 

But the project has now reached the stage of the first fix being completed so in other words the harder part of the graft is done and I am looking forward to returning for the second fix stage and seeing it all complete and handed over to the client 

 Pictures of the project on my website and social media pages to follow

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