Consumer Unit documentation

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Consumer Unit documentation

I have recently had a number of existing customers from both the Cambridge and Huntingdon areas contact me, chasing copies of old certification on their properties because they have mislaid the documents and require them urgently for reasons such as selling/letting a property etc 


It seems to me that people are keen to keep a FSH on a car, but not as much as on an electrical installation of their property, which is a bit of a head scratcher for me 


While I keep copies on all works I carry out, it doesn't look as professional as the original form and raises questions as to where the original is located 


To help with this, I am in the middle of creating a handover pack for when I carry out consumer unit replacements, The idea behind this is to explain the importance of keeping records of work done on an installation. It also explains to the user of the installation how to maintain the consumer unit and how to find nuisance tripping of circuits which in turn I hope is going to prevent phone calls to people like me to find faults where people could find themselves if they are informed, saving both money and peoples time! 


I expect to have this created in the next week or two and then moving forward, all customers of mine will receive a copy on every replacement consumer unit that I carry out which I hope will educate the importance of keeping records of service histories and saving on future headaches!

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