Do It Yourself OR Don't Involve yourself?

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Do It Yourself OR Don't Involve yourself?


When it comes to doing your own electrical work, the law stands that you may carry out certain types of electrical work on your own property.

That’s it, plain and simple. I am not going to go into what type of work that may be, there is plenty of guidance out there.

A bug bear of mine with this industry is that (not naming names), a well-known governing body publishes content to the public about not doing your own electrical work and getting a professional to do it, but at the same time, offers a course which teaches you how to preform like for like replacements on electrical accessories and light fixtures! Talk about double standards or what!?

My own personal take, and going by the golden rule above, if your competent and confident of doing it, then go for it! But ONLY do it if you can carry out the task the same way as a professional.

A professional can confirm that the alteration of any wiring they have touched hasn’t impacted the safety of the rest of the circuit. Can you confirm that as well?

Just because something works doesn’t mean its safe! An example would be the C.P.C conductors have been broken by being screwed too tight in the terminal, resulting in metallic accessories further down the line having no fault protection and being potential electric shock risks?

If you don’t have the correct knowledge or equipment to do this, then get a professional. Electricity can kill you if it goes wrong, that’s a sad fact. So always think twice before carrying out these dangerous tasks.

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