Electrical Installation Condition Reports

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Electrical Installation Condition Reports

Blog 13: Electrical Installation Condition Reports


Like the MOT for the car, your home requires testing at regular intervals to ensure the installation remains safe for continued use.

I have a help sheet I have created (feel free to ask me for it) explaining what is involved, how often you should have these tests done and why they are important

In this blog, what I want to discuss is how a lot of people involved in the industry is carrying these out

I have seen reputable electricians carry these out for as little as £90.00. Question: Can you receive a thorough EICR for £90.00?

The honest answer to this question is no.. no way.

I have great experience in EICR’s (I have done over 3000 so far), I have further education and qualifications in this specific field of the industry. I also know the potential consequences if electrical faults are not detected and rectified in a timely fashion. My point is I know this specific topic in great detail. Now what I am about to tell you is an ugly truth in this industry

A great number of electricians either cut a lot of corners of use cheap EICR’s as loss leaders to create remedial work for themselves. Often missing out vital tests

My advice is when you have this work carried out, use someone reputable with a price that is not close to £90.00. My current rate is £60.00 per fuse board and an additional £20.00 for each circuit tested on each fuse board. This rate ensures me enough time to carry out a thorough and honest test AND to produce a clear report to my customers.


My honest conscience and morals will never let me cut corners to compete with these low rates that some contractors are offering their customers

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