Small electrical jobs in Huntingdon

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Small electrical jobs in Huntingdon

Often, tradesman shy away from carry out small jobs 


They feel it's either not worth their time, or they don't enjoy doing it 


Other times, they may take them on only if they are tasked with several other little jobs to make it 'worth their time' 


At D.L.R Electrical, we couldn't have a more opposed mindset to the above


We love small jobs! We pride ourselves in taking on these works, no matter how small. We enjoy visiting peoples newly built homes and retrofitting their new light fittings, USB socket outlets and even installing wiring to new points 


It's true, no job is too small for us


If you are a resident in Huntingdon or surrounding areas looking for a replacement light fitting, switch or a socket, then please do not feel your job is not worthy of our attention, because it absolutely is! We look forward to taking your call and discussing your proposed works 

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