Testing and the remedial work

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Testing and the remedial work

I have recently just completed an EICR on a house in the heart of Huntingdon, along with the necessary remedial works needed to get the installation to reach a satisfactory standard for continued use 


The situation turned out that the previous occupant was keen in his DIY work, unfortunately, on this occasion, while his electrical work MAY have physically worked with his lights and socket outlets working as intended, his cable selection and methods of installation left much to be desired 


Fortunately, I was able to rectify the issues I found with the installation which included, but not limited to...


Undersized cables for socket wiring 

Class 1 (metal) light fittings and switches where the lighting circuit did not incorporate a CPC (earth wire) 

Incorrect cable for outside use (vulnerable to UV damage) 

Outside junction boxes which were not waterproof

Exposed connections above ceilings 

Exposed live connections ready to touch 

Light switches with Neutral conductors switched instead of the correct Line conductor being switched 

Main Protective Bonding not being installed correctly 


Electricity is dangerous. Thankfully, no one was injured as a result of this work. Always used a qualified electrician for electrical work in your home and also to inspect and test an existing installation at periodic intervals 

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