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What consumer unit?

fuse board installation Cambridge

The consumer unit, commonly known as the fuse board, is the brain of the whole installation. So, it’s important to get the correct type for the nature of your electrical installation. To do this effectively requires seeking the assistance of a specialist.


Electrical Earth Bonding

Regulation 132.16 of BS7671:2018-Requirements for electrical installations states: No addition or alteration, temporary or permanent, shall be made to an existing installation, unless it has been ascertained that the rating and the condition of any existing equipment, including that of the distributor, will be adequate for the altered circumstances. Furthermore, the earthing and bonding arrangements, if necessary for the protective measure applied for the safety of the addition or alteration, shall be adequate

Id like to pick out a part of this regulation

Recessed downlights

Recessed downlights

Recessed downlights are a great source of lighting output and look fantastic (although I personally wouldn’t have them in every single room in my house). If I had a pound for how many I have installed during my time as an electrician, I could probably buy a week’s holiday in Vegas!

In this blog, I am offering you some advice in what to look for when installing these in your property and some hints and tips about what products are currently out there on the market.

How many should I have?

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